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We are a family owned company that was started in 1997. The goal, for the past 13 years, is to provide a wide variety of architectural antiques, to either build a new house to look old or restore an old one with original parts and pieces. 

Our customers are amazed at the amount inventory we have on hand at any given time. Keeping the showrooms and warehouses clean and organized is a full time endeavor. Our employees work as a team to present our products in the best possible light.

Suzanne Kittel, the owner, has had many years of experience specializing in brokering "Old Houses" as well as revitalizing dozens of homes in Austin, Texas before relocating to Gonzales, Texas for a more centralized location to service the Central and Southern Texas areas.

Redesigning your home or commercial building is a challenge. If you need to match the existing architectural features, your best bet is to work with a company that repurposes materials from the past. That way you give new life to finished materials instead of relying on a manufacturer to waste more raw materials for your products.

Going green just makes sense for the environment. That is one of the principles behind our business design. We are glad when we can put our knowledge of architectural techniques to work for your special project. 

If you want to be Green, Discovery Architectural Antiques, a small family owned company in Gonzales, Texas, that is able to help homeowners and professional builders and designers to incorporate elements, also called Architectural Antiques, into building projects. Each project represents a chance to go green and minimize the environmental impact of the design.

Discovery Architectural Antiques helps buyers, both amateurs and professionals, to achieve their Green Building Goals. It is all about finding the right Salvaged Architectural elements for the project. 

In fact, Building Green is easy when you look around at the Salvaged Architectural Antiques that might work in your new or renovated structure. Look at all of the elements in every room. 

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What can you do with the Salvaged Windows, Salvaged Doors, Salvaged Lighting fixtures, wall hardware, salvaged Ceiling Tin, and Salvaged Floors to create a better room? Looking around in our salvage showroom, and you will get endless ideas.

We have many types of Architectural Antiques to work with your project. Ask us about the availability of Salvaged Antique Windows, Salvaged Antique Doors, Antique Hardware, and Antique Flooring. A whole room can be transformed by finding elements that work together.

Using Antique Salvaged Stain Glass to decorate the curio in your living room. You can finish the floors with Salvaged Flooring such as Antique Pine Flooring or Salvaged Oak Flooring, and match the décor of the room with Salvaged Windows. Add a finishing touch to the ceiling with Salvaged Shiplap or Salvaged Bead Board and Salvaged Beams. 

You can search our vast collection of Architectural Salvage for other pieces, such as Salvaged Hardware, Antique Stain Glass, and Salvaged Sinks. No matter what your project size is big or small Victorian or Ranch Rustic working with DAA LLC, it is easy to Go Green when you build, remodel, or redecorate.

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