My 1929 House

by Ruth Russell

My 1929 house that has elements from my store. I have antique beams,salvaged long leaf pine flooring, windows from a house in St.Louis, front door from Chicago. I feel like i have a well traveled house. I am just weeks away now.

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by Ruth Russell

We have great new architectural elements from old Chicago. Beautiful paneled doors from the 1870's, a back bar built-in from an old mansion in the Highland park neighborhood of Chicago. I have a friend who is a salvager  in Chicago and brings a load of treasures twice a year. It is like Christmas morning when we unload. It reminds me of how important it is to save these wonderful things that are not made in the same way anymore. So little of our past has been saved. Most of the buildings in this country are bulldozed and taken to the landfill. If everyone just put one old element in their house, it would remind us of our heritage. Maybe one gesture does make a difference. 

Cypress Barnwood from Kansas

by Ruth Russell

We just received a delivery of vintage barnwood from an early 1900's barn in Kansas.  It has a beautiful patina.  The pieces are wide and would make great wainscoting.